About the Website

Since around 2000 or so, implausible.net has been where I hang my proverbial hat on the internet. It began as a place to fool around with various web technologies, as well as occasionally host files that I felt were interesting. It has morphed in both look and purpose a number of times since then.

These days, it exists largely as a place for me to host photographs that I take over the course of my life. Sometimes, these photographs are purely sentimental, and without any artistic value. Other times, I'm actually trying to create something of artistic merit. The degree of success attained in these attempts varies.

Hopefully, you'll find something here of interest. If not, well, move along, then.

About the Author

I'm a reasonably young guy who works as a Software Engineer in the Greater Boston Area. My obvious interests are photography, computers, movies, music, video games, poker, hanging with friends, and I'm sure many other things I can't recall offhand.

My picture exists in a few different places on the site. Look around, it's not that hard to find. Beyond that, if you need to know more, you probably already do.